It’s impossible to eliminate bullshit but you can certainly significantly reduce it and keep it to a minimum.

Your job is not to attempt to leave no BS stone unturned – it’s to take care of your end of things so that you’re clear on your own reality and less likely to be taken in by anyone who seeks to circumvent the truth.

A BS Diet isn’t about killing your dreams; it’s about not allowing what can appear to be the innocent lies you tell yourself, unproductive habits and how you respond to other people’s BS, to affect your life.

You can still daydream… you just don’t need to daydream all day long so that you end up not being mindful and living in a fantasy world. You can dream… but you can’t go around using those dreams as a basis for assumptions that you use to make unhealthy judgements and choices.

It’s a work in progress. You wouldn’t give up eating unhealthy food for a few months, get fit and then go back to chowing down. You’ll moderate what you take in and you’ll become attuned to your mind and body.

You’ll also become more attuned to the sources of bullshit in your life and learn how to navigate them.

Annoying things are still going to happen but you’ll be better equipped to respond and more robust because you actually have some self-esteem in the proverbial bank to draw on.

A BS Diet and improved self-esteem isn’t a magic wand that eliminates shady people and unwanted experiences. It also won’t give you the power to do Jedi mind tricks so that you can control the uncontrollable.

The things that happen in your life are means of putting your new found habits to the test but also ‘balancing up’ where they may be too much BS in an area of your life. These experiences can force you to check in and reconnect with you.


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